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Discussion in 'Outboard Maintenance' started by Canoeman, Mar 24, 2009.

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    I posted a few months ago regarding my little 2.5 Tohatsu just about jerking my arm out of joint when cranking. We tried everything to fix the problem which appeared to be pre ignition. I disassembled the carb, checked the fuel system, inspected the cylinder for carbon buildup, and pulled the flywheel to check the timing.

    We decided that since the problem was related to ethanol, since the problem began about the time my station put alcohol in the fuel. Well, I bought some gas this weekend that I was able to confirm "ethanol free". Guess what...problem solved.

    Now if I could get some stimulus money to purchase a new engine that government policy has rendered useless. Useless that is, only if I use the government mandated gasoline. :mad:
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    in short...ethanol bad for outboards!

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    Canoeman this will likely work for you, although I hate ethonal. (except in the form of Seagrams 7 Crown which I tolerate well) We don't have an alcohol free gas outlet here, but midgrade or 92 octane premium fuel will work as well. When cold it isn't bad, but on a warm restart don't lock your fingers down too tight even with midgrade.

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    If you have a marina close by get your gas from them. There is no ethanol in the fuel sold to marinas.

    It will not only allow your little gem to run properly, but it will store longer as well.

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