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  1. 21 foot, ss tip, This is a $1,200.00 push pole. It was my tourney partners that I broke on a dock cleat and had to replace. I professionally fixed it with a carbon kevlar fennel "sp?" and epoxy. I was amazed that I couldnt even find the repair when completed.

    It has a smaller diameter than the hybrid and others and is very light. I used it to finish the season but now want to get a stiffy hgybrid. My fav push pole.

    I will let it go for $500.00

    Its a great oportunity to get what I think is an unreasonably priced push pole "retail new" for a reasonable ammount of money.

    Call me for information, 407-832-1108

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    Very interested, if or when I sell mine i will get back to you.

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    your only 52.3 miles from port orange. I know it is the holiday and all but give me a call and i'll take it off your hands

    eric 850-545-8617
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    well actually im 1500 miles away in Texas right now. However I will be back home Monday. Call me then and we can hook up Tues or wens.


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