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Sold - Orvis Recon 6 Wt Setup with Hydros SL III and Line

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I'm selling my 6 weight orvis recon setup, comes with an orvis hydros SL III reel loaded with an orvis 6 weight all rounder saltwater floating fly line and backing. The reel is currently setup for a right hand retrieve but it is easy to swap over and I can change it over to left hand at the request of a buyer. I bought this setup to use as a tailwater trout rod and also a light saltwater rod but I bought a few other rods around the same time and haven't used the recon much. The rod, reel, and line are in perfect shape, I tried to show the condition as best I could with the pictures. Please reach out to me with any questions.

Contact: Hunter 941-735-1820
Shipping: I will ship the setup in two boxes for $20
Price: $450

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interested in trading for the Abel 9-10 I posted here?
interested in trading for the Abel 9-10 I posted here?
Replied via PM, thank you.
Bump, lowered price.
Bump, still available
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