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    ]---I did ask permission to post this here since I'm so new to the site and this is not your typical microskiff.---
    This is an all inclusive package deal, if you have a pickup your really in luck.
    The Deal:
    **Malibu XFactor**-mango coloration with LARGE front hatch,
    NEW STRONGER FRAME rectangular center hatch (with 6" round hatch added), Scotty rod holder in front of seat with extension, Scotty rod holder to the rear on left, anchor trolley, 3# folding claw anchor, anchor line, storage bag with cinch cleat.
    **HighBack Seat** by Canoe Country Outfitters with fiberglas stiffening rods for rigidity.
    **SWIFT Paddle** black with blue blades, nice and light.
    **Custom Milk Crate** with legs that level it in the tank well, 3 rod holder, 2 aux. holders on the other side (I use them for the anchor and stakeout pole), and a removable lightpole with light for night fishing and retractable anchor line leash.
    **2 pc spare paddle** heavy alum/plastic, but light as air if you lose your good one and are stuck 3 miles from the put-in!!
    **Lifevest** XXL yello/blk WORKS! Personally checked by accident.
    **Truckbed Xtender** uses your towing recvr. Used to extend the bed or put up into "goalpost" mode for safe high traffic hour hauling.
    **Truck roof bar** with pad Homemade but works great. Roofbar from Pepboys with pool noodle pad slid over the crassbar.
    **PVC storage rack** Yeah, pretty much what it says.
    **Misc kayak/fishing stuff** extra rod holders, extra hatch lid for center hatch (new) other assorted stuff.
    This is a great kayak. No issues other than the usual character (read as "oyster") scars on the bottom.
    Yes, it is bigger than most, all the better for the bigger kayak fisherman and for getting a bit farther "offshore" than other kayaks without leaving you wishing for a more stable platform to fight from. Very dry ride without scupper plugs even in "way less than perfect" fishing conditions.
    $1000 for everything. Willing to haggle, but not much. Great deal at this price, kayak is around $800 new.
    All trades, partial or whole considered.
    Looking for small boat, motor, trailer combo. Gheenoe(preferably)-type.
    Test rides available for serious buyers on Tues/Weds/Thurs (my weekend).

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    PM Sent

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    Welcome to the forum momo,

    Nice Kayak. Does this mean you are going to move into a Gheenoe or Gladesman? hehe.

    I fixed your post so it includes the pics. I also moved it to the proper section. Hope you don't mind :)
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    Don't mind a bit.
    Some sites don't like the pics in the post, so I put up the pic URL's.
    Yep looking for a Ghee now.