SOLD/EXPIRED SOLD - Gladesmen Poling Platform

Discussion in 'Sold/Expired Classifieds' started by captnron, Jul 13, 2007.

  1. captnron

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    I bought the Poling Platform from RJ that was on his Gladesmen.  I just received my noe and it's not going to work.  I contacted RJ because he had a list of people that really wanted it and I would rather give a forum members first right of refusal.  It only want the $75.00 I paid for it and $30 for the sea dek I had made to fit for a total of $105.00.  I'm located in New Port Richey.


    Pictures froim the original thread.
  2. Bob

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    Re: Gladesmen Poling Platform

    I'll take it. PM with my phone number on the way. - Bob

  3. captnron

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    Re: Gladesmen Poling Platform

    Your number #1 with first right of refusal. ;)

    You have PM.
  4. captnron

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    Re: Gladesmen Poling Platform

    The platform has 2 sales pending. I will repost if both decide they don't want it.

    Thanks for your interest.
  5. JRH

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    Grats on the sale, but the real captron would have just bought a new boat to fit the platform. ;D
  6. captnron

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    [smiley=1-lmao.gif] [smiley=1-lmao.gif] [smiley=1-lmao.gif]

    Tried that but the boat didn't fit. :eek: :eek: Liked the boat better than the platform. Takes too long to get another boat and it's gets spensive. ::) ::) ;D ;D

    Thanks for the laugh ;)
  7. Lil_Tate

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    where are pics of the new NMZ??
  8. captnron

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    Daaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaamzn your persistant.  ;D ;D ;D

    Just put it on the trailer to roll it outside.  Plan is to have pinhead slime the deck while I decorate the bottom on the oyster bars sometime over the weekend.  Tom was supposed to slime the deck first but was skeeeeeeeeerd to get wet. ;) ;D ;D ;D ;D  I was hoping the mud motor would show up today. :mad:
    just finished installing the push pole clips and hanging a kicker.  Still have to adjust the trailer to fit.  

    I also forgot my camera again today, it's on the other boat so I'll get pics as soon as I can.  Pugar and the gang did an outstading job. :cool:  Fit and finish from the custom shop keeps getting better.

    Did you get your pole yet?  If not don't feel like the only one.  I think every one in S. FL has used my stiffy. ;D ;D ;D  Lokks like it's Central FL's turn. :)
  9. JoshW

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    Good deal on a good platform. Should look good on the sweet boat Bob is slaving away on. Glad a fellow FS18 builder got it [smiley=1-beer.gif]