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Selling my 2015 Gheenoe NMZ with a 2014 Yamaha 9.9. Location is Miami, Florida. Asking $4100.

I feel like the pros and cons of a Gheenoe have been well covered in other threads on this forum. I've caught tarpon, snook and reds in Flamingo and have had plenty of bonefish and permit ignore my fly in Biscayne bay. I've used it to camp out on Cape Sable and if I don't sell it I'll be getting out there again a few times this winter. I don't have exact stats on preformance. I estimate it gets just over 18 mph with just me and my cooler, around 15-16 with 2 people, but that is based on navionics/gps so not exact. I've never run the 6 gallon near empty, and I usually only fill it up halfway to save weight and avoid having gas sit. I've heard elsewhere that 10 gallons an hour is reasonable and that lines up with my experience.

  • Raised front and back decks.
  • Yeti cooler with turnbuckles attached to the rear deck. I don't think they make this model of yeti anymore.
  • Nav lights wired to 3 way switch
  • Rule 800 GPH bilge pump + float switch. Still need to set up the outlet valve. Bilge wiring could be better organized.
  • 7ah battery to run lights and bilge pump
  • Jack plate
  • 14 ft stiffy push pole
  • 4 Gunnel rod holders and tubes
  • 9.9 yamaha with doel-fin hydrofoil. Outboard is in excellent condition, always flushed and well cared for. Previous owner estimated it at under 70 hours and I've added less than 25.
  • Continental trailer that works great
  • 6 Gallon gas tank. Its in the rear. Apparently the boat was originally fuel forward and could be returned to such if needed.

Not Features:
  • Rear right trailer light needs to be reattached. Currently held by one bolt and some tape. Not a hard fix; I might get to it myself if I have time. I also have some replacement lights you can have.
  • Chine has some light wear and tear. It is basically 2 spots both an inch in size where they rub against a dock. I assume this happens when I am parking the truck and my partner is not paying attention. God knows I wouldn't let that happen.
  • Trailer leaf springs are rusty but have plenty of life left in them.
  • Not including the trolling motor. Willing to sell the trolling motor seperately with the homemade mount if you want it.

Other stuff I will include:
  • Safety gear: fire extinguisher, flares, horn. More than what is required under 16 ft.
  • Ropes, anchors, dock bumper.
  • Boat cover. It is a little big but does the job very well.
  • I'll give you the maintenance stuff I have; marine grease, fuel stabilizer, oil, carb cleaner.
Message me through the site or email [email protected]


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