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SOLD FS: 2000 Highsider, trailer and 15hp motor $1,200

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I bought this set-up a few months ago with the intent of building this up, but I have now bought a Classic and I need the room in my garage.

2000 Gheenoe Highsider/Trailer/15hp Motor

I sanded both the inside and outside of the boat. Added marine plywood decks with supports, eye bolt and PVC for the fuel line. All this needs is the inside/outside primed and painted, decks glassed and hatches installed. Rub rails and nose cap re-installed.

The trailer has been re-built. New 12" wheels/tires, lights, coupler, chains, bunks, rollers, springs, buddy bearings and two extra spare tires/wheels with mount to trailer.

Comes with:

New 3 gallon fuel tank, line and both fittings for motor
CM TillerPiller
40lb Riptide With Birdsall mount
two bilge pumps, hoses etc.....
livewell pump, hoses etc......

The motor is a 1973 Evinrude 15hp. When I bought it the guy started it up, but not knowing anything about motors I believe it needs some basic repairs. New coils and fuel pump where installed.

I will also throw in a 1977 6hp short shaft Johnson ( Just need the space) This needs new impeller and CDI unit.

Everything $1,200 I have title in hand.

I live on Merritt Island close to Cocoa Beach. My email is [email protected] and my cell # 1-321-626-8877.

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1 - 2 of 2 Posts