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I have a new, never mounted Carbon Marine Casting Platform with Lean bar for sale. High gloss edge, carbon fiber flanges feet, 316 turn buckle new and included. I am not totally certain on what this runs new as it is not a cradle nor a simple casting platform, so I will ask $800 on price.
If pricing is closer to the current new cradles with these features ($1350 as this one comes), then I feel everyone will be happy. If I’m way off the mark on pricing and someone can help, I’d greatly appreciate it.

Measurements are as follows:

22” and tapers to 15” left to right
20 1/4” front to back
15 1/2” height
Lean bar is 34” from the platform (49 1/2” total height)

Located in Thomasville, GA


1 - 18 of 18 Posts
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