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Sold 2009 Beavertail Osprey

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Up for sale. 09 Beavertail Osprey with 2015 50ho tohatsu 4s. Engine probably has about 200-300 hours (can have shop check) and has about 3.5 years left on factory warrenty. Pushes the boat between 28-31 with ss power tech heavy cupped 3 blade. Can jump up in very little water with jackplate all the way up if need be.

The Tohatsu 50 4s is an awesome engine for this rig. It weighs 40# less then the etec it replaced. Loss of power is minimal at most. In fact the only difference I noticed was maybe 3-4mph top end. My main concern was low end power, jumping up and running shallow. This engine combined with the cupped 3 blade, trim tabs, and jack plate allow for nearly instant plane when the situation calls for it.

I'll assume that anyone interested in this rig understands the hull design of this skiff. It is literally amazing! Trim down a hair and it eats everything in its path like nothing. It poles beautifully and effortlessly and floats very shallow. You will be hard pressed to find a better hull design. In fact my next skiff will most definitely be a downgrade in this entire department. Unavoidable for my situation though and a huge reason why I struggle to post my baby for sale.

Aluminum trailer, torsion axles, new wheels, tires, and bearings. Spare included. Less then a year old terrova #80 on a quick release mount. Less then a year old helix 9 side imaging with ram ball mount so it is fully adjustable. You can even spin screen to face forward so you can watch while on front deck. Stiffy hybrid push pole. Yeti with tarpon cushion. Power pole micro with 8' pp stick. Aluminum casting platform. Bob's jack plate, trim tabs, All pumps and switches work as they should. Onboard chargers included. Tbag (under poling platform) included.

I have owned this skiff for about 5 years and have thoroughly enjoyed her. I purchased as a secondary boat to guide out of, as well as a personal fun boat. Boat fishes 2 amazing and 3 average size people good. The ride is second to non. She drafts between 6-7 inches depending on load. It is the hells bay waterman 18 hull.

The ONLY reason I am considering selling this skiff is because it can be weight sensative. I don't always know who I am picking up in the morning and have had some very large surprises if you know what I mean. I can do 2 #200 guys plus myself (little over 200) but when 2 300# plus people show up, things get tricky. That said she has run them all and never let me down. Plainly put, I need something a little bigger for the occupation side.

If it was just a fun boat I'd no doubt keep her forever.

25k for everything in description. Asking 23k without tm and hummingbird/transducer. Will demo for cash in hand buyer. Sticking to asking for now so don't bother making offers. I'm in no rush to sell.
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