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    Mabye we need a product review area created for input on sponsors products :wink:

    Yes this is somewhat advertisment but its also a great fishing tip for members to catch more fish. Im all about people catching more fish! Just look at how many boats I shared my 06 winnin spot with this year :lol:

    Review is as follows...

    Solar Bat Sunglasses has taken aim at the inshore fishing market with a revolutionary new style of fishing lense, The Gradient. These new lenses are Polycarbon Nocular PNV "tm" Lenses that have a tint gradient that starts out mossback green on the upper 60% of the lense and fades to amber and finally a high contrast yellow.

    Ideal for sight fishing in shallow inshore waters these lenses are also polarized to the highest available level. These lenses also exceede the US standards for safety eye protection.

    Here is how the concept works. On the color wheel red and green are on oposite ends of the spectrum. Red and green cancel out each others color properties turning each other black in appearance. A bronze or red colored fish will turn black against a lighter background like white or green. A school of redfish traveling across a grass flat will look like a big black blob.

    Sample dipiction of gradient on lense.

    Sample of redfish on green botom.

    Sample of how the green lense area contrasts against red.

    Everyone who has worn good quality polarized glasses has noticed that you can tilt your head right and left to adjust the glare out of your vision on the water. Now with Solar Bats gradient lense you can adjust your head up and down to also adjust the contrast of the bottom with the level of the polarization. This becomes especially usefull when fishing white sandy pot holes scattered within a grass flat. The green upper area of the lense cancels out the green botom. Tilting your head up slightly allows the amber to come into focus showing you where the sandy pot holes are. If you think you see a redfish in a pothole you simply tilt your head right or left to adjust the glare off the hole and tilt your head donward to expose the redfish with the green lense. Now reds traveling in and out of grass into sandy bottoms turn a darker color for you to make more effective presentations to.

    The Solar Bat Gradient lense is a Solar Bat exclusive. No other sunglass companies have this lense. It comes in 17 diffrent frame styles. Shown below is the widely popular Pana frame in a translucent brown frame with gold Solar Bat emblem. This pair of Panas with gradient lenses sells for $165.00 retail and can be found through your local dealers or by visiting


    Solar Bat is also a sponsor of the Inshore Fishing Association's Redfish Tour and awards contigency money to teams who place the highest wearing Solar Bat Sunglasses during the competition.

    The hottest teams in the IFA are wearing and competing with Solar Bat sunglasses. IFA National Champions like 03 & 04 Champ, Greg Devault, 06 Champ, AC Lockyer and the new 2007 Champs, Wayne Gatlin and Branden Franklin.

    Photo Mike Lot,

    Troy and Christine Perez Turned on the afterburners this year and captured three regular season titles in three seprate divisions fishing with their Solar Bats.


    Divisional Team of the Year Captians Adam Loud and Jon Halker also wore their Solar Bats to 07 Titles!

    I have a limited ammount of 07 Captians Meeting glasses at dealer cost you can order by phone. After this year the dealer cost to IFA members deal will be going away. I still have about 30 glasses with gradient lenses in them as well as others in amber and amber with gold mirror. The Panas shown above are normally $165 and I have some at $110 for example. If your interested call me because all of the glasses that dont sell will go back to the factory before year end. (407) 832-1108

    If you are interested in becoming a Solar Bat dealer please contact Dr. Nesty or Mandy at Solar Bat (800) 761- 8228
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    have ya got any of thoes womens frame glasses with the gradient lense? I buy one.

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