Soft-Plastic Saltwater Jigs (Split-Tail Touts)

Discussion in 'The Commercial Zone' started by GSlings, Dec 5, 2012.

  1. GSlings

    GSlings I Love!

    I just wanted to take the opportunity to post some info about some baits that most of you may be interested in! My brother and I recently started a new company, MR Tackle, Inc. where we manufacture a soft-plastic saltwater jig called the Split-Tail Tout. The jig is absolutely killer for inshore/nearshore species (and even some offshore).

    We offer the Split-Tail Touts in a variety of different colors, color combinations, as well as scented and non-scented varieties. We use a special blend of Pro-Cure Fish Scents during the manufacturing process, which allows it to maintain its scent throughout the life of the bait.

    These have been our personal "go to bait" for quite a while now! Check out our website and give our product a try, you will not be disappointed. We also offer a discount to Captains with a valid captain's license.

    MR Tackle, Inc.

    Baits are 10 per bag, $6.50 for scented, $6.00 for non-scented. We also occasionally have some Touts for $5.00 per bag.


  2. GlassMinnow

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    What's the length of the tails?

  3. GSlings

    GSlings I Love!

    The length of the entire bait is 3.5". The length of the tail (from split to tip) is 2-1/4".

    They are best used with a bullethead or round headed jighead. The flatter type jig heads create a pull when jigging (kinda feels like you've got grass on it).
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