so whats your favorite fish recipe?

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  1. whitesnooky

    whitesnooky Guest

    Lemon peppered grilled sea trout!

    Cajun seasining with beer batter redfish!

    Grilled blacked grouper!

    Spanish tilipa with yellow rice!

    That's all

    More beer!

  2. ucfsae81

    ucfsae81 Well-Known Member

    lobster bisque

    florida lobster, has to be florida lobster not the crap from up north or australia

    fried grouper

    grilled mahi


    and of course all you can eat "rock shrimp"
  3. phishphood

    phishphood Beer is good, Beer is good, and stuff!

    I'm going to go with grilled blackened redfish(Panola blackened redfish seasoning), garlic mashed taters, steamed
    veggies, and cold beers.

    2nd option is a Panko crusted sea trout fried, fries and slaw. Oh yeah, and cold beers.
  4. costefishnt

    costefishnt Cost Efish'nt³

    tony chacheri's or everglades heat sprinkled libraly and grilled, or baked. All fish. easy, simple, and darn tasty.
  5. deerfly

    deerfly Opinicus iracibilus

    I kike tony's seasonings and the everglades heat too, but in general blackened anything is good to me, fish, steak, venison, mangos, doesn't matter. Blacken it in ultra high cholesterol butter, give me a beer or three and I'm eaten good. Here's some back strap I blackened recently...


    kids like it too :)

    had to save a taste for mom... :-/
  6. JRH

    JRH Well-Known Member

    Blackened redfish using Paul Prudhomme's redfish magic.