So lets talk about this orvis gender equality video....

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    From the video "fly fishing has been a male dominated sport, and we want to change that""we want to break down barriers". There's is no barrier, there's nothing standing in the way of women (or men) fly fishing, other than desire. This is nothing more than marketing expensive gear to a new demographic. If they really care about moving women into fly fishing they'll offer that gear at serious discount (not likely). I am happy they are marketing fly gear to women, just don't do it by implying men are against women fishing, that's dumb, weak marketing. People see right through the false altruism.

    Name a male that holds more fly records than Meridith McCord? I can't, and even if he exisits I don't know his name, I know hers...
    Maybe Mrs. Wulff can remind Orvis who the Natl casting champion was from 1940 something through the early 60s....

    Implying women need an Orvis campaign to succeed in fly fishing is ridiculous. Maybe Orvis should start a campaign to end my tailing loops when I get excited, that shit is a real problem that needs solving.
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    Where is the floss?
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    This is a solution looking for a problem.

    Hell, I learned to cast partially through watching Joan Wulff videos.

    And the only barrier my daughter will have to the local fly fishing community will be whether or not I can teach her to pole a skiff, call redfish, and double haul when its her turn on the pointy end of the boat.
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    People are just running out of marketing ideas these days and like a lot of social media based campaigns it’s always about starting something. Most of it is just fluff anyway. Let’s talk about all the garbage that’s made in China that is being shoved down our throats here in the USA if we want to argue about something!
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    The mkting machine needs a never ending supply of people but the sportsman really needs a thinning of the herd.

    What are you going to do?
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    Preach it.
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    Its just the way of the media now. EVERY topic (note I said topic and not issue, I chose that word intentionally) gets spun with some racial or gender bias. Until we just talk about things instead of always forcing race or gender into the topic we will never really have equality.
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    So I showed this video to my wife and got this feedback "That's not the gayest shit I've ever seen, but it's close. They should just shut up and fish"
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    Add religion.
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    Can somebody provide a link? I searched on google and found lots of videos about women and fly fishing but not sure I saw the one referenced.
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    wait.....women are allowed to fly fish?
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    Are you serious? That voicemail sounded fake as hell. I dont think there's one man anywhere that wants to make sure women dont fish. I used to look at all of that garbage in the news and think I could escape it in the fly fishing community. But now we have this? Why do people make this crap up? If a particular woman does not fly fish its just because its not what she wants to do. Not because men do not allow it...
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    Steve - Here is a link to the video that you commented on before watching.

    Personally, I love this video. In part because I believe there are people in this world that think like the caller. I enjoyed seeing him "called out".

    It is easy for a bunch of dudes to sit around and say there isn't a problem out there because they don't see it and are likely not a part of it.

    I think about my own young daughters and wonder how the world will treat them. It frightens me to no end because I have witnessed "men's" attitudes toward women my whole life. "Men's" is in quotes for a reason.

    I read an article in Outside magazine in an airport a couple months ago about women in various outdoor guiding industries, fly fishing being one of them. It is hard enough for women to break into a male dominated industry and heartbreaking to see how some of them are treated. Here is a link to the article.

    Even if the Orvis campaign does nothing more than give a woman the courage to walk into a room full of men to attend a seminar or learn about our sport, it is worth it.

    Just because a company rolls out the red carpet for our wives, girlfriends, mothers, and daughters doesn't mean that we have to take a defensive position that we are being attacked in the process. Lame.

    And there is no doubt in my mind that if the video were released by Simms, the flock would be celebrating the decision to take a stand on such an important issue in our industry.
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    I let mine out of her cage once a week for exercise only.
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    I can't tell you how glad I am that I have daughters instead of sons in today's climate of "diversity".
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    I want to be treated with the same respect as anybody wants to be treated. If I am behaving in an inappropriate manner then I should be called out. But I don't like being called out in a generic statement. And that is what this video does. Are there idiot men out there who in 2018 still treat women less than desirably? Absolutely. But here is the problem. The reverse is true too.

    Creating an ad campaign targeting women to get into the sport is a great idea. They are certainly a fast growing segment. But they could have done that without the man bashing being the first thing you hear!
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    Well , I'm going to stop buying and using orvis stuff when they stop making and selling quality stuff.

    I'll share the skiff with men and women alike but I don't like to be around very many of either most of the time.
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