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  1. Brett

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    Working outside this afternoon and the new neighbor was walking her dog when she started screaming

                                      Snake! Snake! Snake!   :eek:

    We live fairly close to a canal so I figured the worst and a moccasin had wandered ashore and surprised her.
    Carrying the shovel I'd been using, I hustled over to deal with the monster.
    She'd picked up her flea taxi and was pointing at the grass at something only she could see.
    I set the shovel down, knelt and gently picked up this poor creature
    who'd been stunned into shock by the high decibel alerts.
    Haven't seen one of these in a few years, a Diadophis punctatus, also known as a ringneck.




    After explaining that it wasn't dangerous, and that it was a beneficial reptile,
    she took a closer look and agreed that she might have over reacted, "a little".
    After a few pictures the "monster" was released in a nearby palmetto clump.
    Welcome to Florida, where the bugs are bigger than the snakes....

  2. makin moves

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    I woke up this morning to find a snake in my aparment :eek:. I had my back poch door open yesterday listening to the rain and I guess he was seeking higher ground. I was lucky to have my fly rod sitting in the corner grab it and work him out the front door. :) Talk about catching you off gaurd first thing in the morning.

  3. cutrunner

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    Huh, ring snakes r pretty common around here. One of my favorites, more docile than a corn snake.. Yea lol florida.. One second you can be fishin a golfcourse pond, the next you could be dragged to your death by a toothy 10 foot prehistoric lizard.. Ahh i love it here
  4. TomFL

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    How do you think she'd have responded to this indigo?


    Glad to see snakes like this are still around, with all the hogs and coyotes and hawks and people after them!