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Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by makin moves, May 28, 2012.

  1. makin moves

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    Iam looking to pick up a bbq smoker and have been thinking about going with a electric one. Whats the pros and cons , whats a good one? Looking to spend around or up to 200. any feeback would be cool. Thanks
  2. AfterHours2

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    I'm limited on space so I first started with the cheap Brinkman electric. It did the job but the cord would get really hot. I since have gone and got the propane smoker from bass pro and have not looked back. I can typically get 3-4 smokes out of a small cylinder and the temp is constant. Plus, there just over $100 mark. Had mine for 2 years now and still works great. Just did a butt and brisket yesterday. Turned out awesome. I normally smoke the meat heavy for 2-3 hours then finish by wrapping in foil. Hasnt failed me yet....

  3. out-cast

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    I have this one

    I've heard bad things about electric smokers. Second easiest to maintain temp is propane like the one above. Let me know if you wanna see more pics to get an idea of it's size.
  4. Megalops

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    I would steer away from the electric smokers.  They'll get the job done for something like smoked mullet or mackerel or heating up a cooked ham but they would not do well for long cooks like ribs, pork butt, etc.  In fact, their temp gauges list low, medium, hot.   ;D  You need to be a bit more precise, specifically the magic 220 to 250F range and hold it for hours on end.

    I would spend just a little bit more than your budget and get a Weber Smokey Mountain Bullet.  It's charcoal versus electric, and can hold very precise temps, for very long periods, and you can cook large quantites too.  You're gonna need to purchase a temperature probe for the bullet.  I believe the Bullet is the best priced smoker on the market that will produce outstanding BBQ. There are guys that actually compete in BBQ competitions with these.
  5. DuckNut

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    I second the Bullet - does a great job.

    ps: come on over and take away some hickory wood. I have a few tons in the back yard.
  6. makin moves

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    Thanks ducknut might just have to take you up on the offer :)