Small crack on deck edge

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  1. zachboswell90

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    I recently purchased an '03 Maverick hpx-t and had my fly reel come loose and knock a small crack on the edge of the floor while I was towing it home last weekend. Anyone have a solid, reasonably priced gel coating suggestion? This will be my first boat repair so any advice or recommended procedure would be greatly appreciated.

  2. Brett

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    Seriously?  :-?

    From past experience, wait until you have a decent collection of dings.
    That way you can deal with them all at once. Saves time and money if you wait.
    You know you're going to get more of 'em, no way to avoid it unless you don't use the boat!

    If you really want to, then read the info in the link: Gelcoat Cracks

  3. DuckNut

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    A fly reel cracked the hull...I guess Maverick does not build the boats they used to. :'(

    Gelcoat is cheap...take Brett's advice.
  4. cutrunner

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    It cracked it because there was an airvoid there, still no excuse I suppose