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Skull Island's NEW SI16 Prowler

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Our friends and customers have demanded a simplified version of our SI16, so here it is the Skull Island Prowler. We have taken our same extreme quality finish work, and advanced materials but simplified the build into an ultra clean skiff. Open bulkheads both fore and aft boast tremendous amounts of storage, and create solid casting decks.  The open bow bulkhead allows different configurations of portable fuel tanks to meet the needs of traveling anglers (our standard powder coated aluminum tanks can also be used). The boat comes standard with Lenco trim tabs, Honda 30 hp four stroke (power start, trim/tilt), aluminum Magic Tilt Trailer, custom rod racks, stiffy push pole holders and more for $17,000!!! We have kept all the superb quality and performance we have become known for in our SI 16 but lowered the build hours and created a price point skiff to meet demand. We will add pics of the completed boat next week, however if you'd like to see some photos of the skiff under contruction visit our website at or check them out on our facebook page. Any of our great options can be added to the Prowler, any color, and any configuration. You dream it, we will build it.
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OK, here are a couple pics (can someone tell us how to make them full sized, LOL).
This is an ice blue Prowler ready for rub rail and tower. This boat with aluminum trailer, 30 hp Honda 4-stroke, tabs, etc. will sell for $17K.

Have a great weekend,

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