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Skiff tools- what do you carry?

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Hi guys, I'm trying to assemble a small toolkit for on the water emergencies and breakdowns. I am not gifted mechanically, but can do some minor tweaking and wondered what you guys carry onboard. I have a Yami F70, so if there is anything specific to that engine please let me know. My thoughts are a couple of Phillips head screwdrivers of diff lengths and sizes, an adjustable wrench, some 5, 10, and 20amp fuses, tie straps, and duct tape. I prefer to keep it small as I know my limits. Thanks for any help and advice!
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Here's the tools I keep in the rear hatch of my Native SUV. Haven't really needed this stuff but peace of mind for when I do:

Inside a small tool box:
-Interchangeable head screwdriver (2 sizes of phillips and 2 of sizes of flat)
-Needle nose pliers
-Large crescent wrench
-Medium adjustable wrench
-Zip ties
-Electrical tape
-Fold out Allen keys
-Pocket Knife
-Spare fuses
-Spare spark plug
-Spare drain plug

Inside a safety box:
-Handheld VHF radio
-Air horn
-Emergency foil blankets
-Signal Mirror

Loose inside the hatch:
-Duct Tape
-Spare Prop
-Large knife inside a sheath
-3 foot length of rope with knot on one end (to fit motor for manual pull start)
-Large Flash light w/ extra AA batteries
-1 quart of engine oil with duct tape around the screw top lid
-Collapsable canoe style paddle (doubles as a poor mans trolling motor when stalking fish in skinny water ponds)
-Manual bilge pump with 3 foot hose

I have never been screwed out in the marsh but someday I kinda hope that something happens on a nice night with a full cooler of beer, a nice cigar and nowhere to be just to say I survived and made it home.
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