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Skiff tools- what do you carry?

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Hi guys, I'm trying to assemble a small toolkit for on the water emergencies and breakdowns. I am not gifted mechanically, but can do some minor tweaking and wondered what you guys carry onboard. I have a Yami F70, so if there is anything specific to that engine please let me know. My thoughts are a couple of Phillips head screwdrivers of diff lengths and sizes, an adjustable wrench, some 5, 10, and 20amp fuses, tie straps, and duct tape. I prefer to keep it small as I know my limits. Thanks for any help and advice!
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Prop wrench, spare prop, weed eater line to clear pisser, a few assorted electrical connectors and definitely some TP.
TP AND wet wipes..... trust me
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I have this basic tool set from west marine. I have only used the screw driver and the adjustable wrench. But it keeps everything organized and is small.

Most of the places I fish are serviced by Sea Tow even in 10k islands.

What would you guys do if your remote steering were to go out? Happened to my friend recently on a stick steer jon boat. He ended up calling for a tow but I assume you could rig a tiller to get back to the dock.

Saw this yesterday and as I have a bunch of scattered tools around the house and in the truck I picked that kit up... Good find. Sprayed them all down and the zipper with Boeshield T-9 to keep them from rusting even though they will live in dry storage.

Dear Lord these look amazing.....
Oh I guess no one here has used their drawers before?! :eek:
Hah only socks in the deer stand!
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