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Skiff tools- what do you carry?

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Hi guys, I'm trying to assemble a small toolkit for on the water emergencies and breakdowns. I am not gifted mechanically, but can do some minor tweaking and wondered what you guys carry onboard. I have a Yami F70, so if there is anything specific to that engine please let me know. My thoughts are a couple of Phillips head screwdrivers of diff lengths and sizes, an adjustable wrench, some 5, 10, and 20amp fuses, tie straps, and duct tape. I prefer to keep it small as I know my limits. Thanks for any help and advice!
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Wet wipes? You bunch of babies - do you put on baby powder when you are done as well? Just dip your bum into the ocean! That's what great about a low sided skiff.

Extra wire, complete set of fuses (catalog every fuse in your boat, buy two of each) and electrical tape. Odds of something going wrong with electrical is pretty high. I've had some weird shit happen, like the kill switch on the ignition failing, requiring us to jump it.

Extra fuel hose with a pump ball. Running out of gas sucks, better to make it easy as possible to get help.

Handheld radio. Cell phone with every marina programmed into the contacts.

Extra boat key.

Medical/sports tape. Band aids do nothing with high humidity. Good sports tape can be wrapped and close a wound for a long duration. Super glue can be used to close a wound too.

Other than that, extra tools to get the job done. Bug spray, sun block. And tons of beer.
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