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Skiff tools- what do you carry?

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Hi guys, I'm trying to assemble a small toolkit for on the water emergencies and breakdowns. I am not gifted mechanically, but can do some minor tweaking and wondered what you guys carry onboard. I have a Yami F70, so if there is anything specific to that engine please let me know. My thoughts are a couple of Phillips head screwdrivers of diff lengths and sizes, an adjustable wrench, some 5, 10, and 20amp fuses, tie straps, and duct tape. I prefer to keep it small as I know my limits. Thanks for any help and advice!
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I am the guy who has every tool imaginable
Ironically every time I've used them it's for other unprepared boaters.
Good karma I guess..
I do like the idea of the extra fuel line to use with my extra prime ball
For refueling
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