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I'm reviving an old thread with tons of great suggestions plus moving it into the proper section.

Went fishing Tuesday and experienced a "well you're one dumb MF'er aren't you?" moment. Let me explain.

When I sold my previous boat this summer I sold it with all my accessories, including my toolkit. When I bought my new to me Egret 167 I told myself "hey we need to replace that toolkit." Did I listen to myself... hell no!

Tuesday I was fishing in 10K islands and everything is going just fine. Then the batteries in the iPilot remote fob died. 'Captain Obvious' didn't pay attention to flashing battery icon. Bloody heck. So the is fob dead, trolling motor is whirling away with no way to control it or stow it. I kill the power to the trolling motor and proceed to evaluate my options. First let's open the fob and look at the batteries. Just need a screwdriver... and we get to the reason for updating this topic.

As you can imagine not having a single tool onboard, even a dang screwdriver, I decided prudence was the best part of valor and called it a day early and got off the water.

Below is my list of tools recently purchased or repurposed from my garage to build a starter kit. Is this everything? No. But it's a start. My thinking of marine tool kits is I need enough to address most major issues an get myself off the water to safety. Then properly address the issue on land. Some items like electrical connectors are temporary. Don't hate on the fact they are not marine grade without shrink tube. LOL


I live within walking distance to a Harbor Freight. Since I'm addicted to that pure Chinesium figured I'd give the Freight a try in building my toolkit. Below is a list of everything I currently have in my kit. I got a lot of great ideas from posts above in this thread so thought it would good to revive and share to help out the rest of the forum family!

I started with the item #63339 - Pittsburgh 53pc tool kit. Has most sockets needed SAE and Metric including the always needed but usually missing 10mm and 14mm sockets.

Then I wanted a small assortment of pliers. Item #64729

Missing from my life was an adjustable wrench. Solved with item #63718

Since I'm not a huge fan of plug and play screwdrivers where I tend to drop or lose the bit part I got a traditional #2 philips and 1/4" slotted screwdriver. Item #94707 & #94604

To address the spark in my life I got the following crimp kit with connectors. This is meant to be a "get me off the water" kit not a make a permeant fix. Item #63307

Always need electrical tape and zip ties. Item #63239 & #60254

Not purchased from the Freight but pulled from my garage inventory I added some wire incase I need to jump a connection, weed-eater line, carabiner, pocket knife, LED flash light (flashlight takes the same number and type batteries as the iPilot, 3-AAA, also added an spare set of 3-AAA's, no more excuses) Old T-Shirt for rags, spare bilge drain plug and a spare 1-gallon zip-lock bag.

To store all these items I found an Ammo box that was just the right size to fit the 53 pc tool kit in its carry case. It's not "waterproof" but does have a gasket in the lid and for most of the boats life it sits under a cover on the trailer. I treated the assorted pliers with a touch of WD-40. Item #57766

Everything fits perfectly with some room to add more tools.

Rectangle Bumper Automotive exterior Gas Technology

Hope this was useful for someone out there. I'd love to keep this thread going with input and ideas from the community. If there is enough interest we can make it a sticky.

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