Siezed Steering

Discussion in 'Outboard Maintenance' started by guitarfish, Apr 20, 2010.

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    Need some help.It's not the cable but the ram in the tilt tube.'05  Merc 60 FS.Shot in some new grease,warmed it up with a heat gun,tapped on it with a hammer and block of wood.It moved a little but not much.I had a buddy suggest removing the grease fitting and shooting in some PB Blaster to break up the hardened grease.What do my fellow Microskiffers think?Any tips or tricks would be much appreciated.
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    Regular occurrence on many outboards.
    Pages and pages of solutions on the web.

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    i'd try removing the grease fitting and hitting with the pb blaster. carefull with the heat, you dont want to make it worse :eek: to help keep this from happening in the future store the boat with the ram retracted and keep the grease fresh ;)
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    This happened to my buddies johnson.
    It took some grease, a hammer, a long flat head and some hammering.
    We managed to get it out and regreased it and its been perfect since.