Side of Hull Stress Crack???

Discussion in 'Boat Yard Basics' started by sshawn75, Aug 31, 2009.

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    After cleaning my highsider I noticed what appeared to be a stress crack about the size of a silver dollar. The center of the crack is cracked on the outside of the boat, but it does not appear to have gone all the way through to the inside. The hair line crack spiders out in about five different directions, but they to do not go all the way through the hull. (Water does not pass through the crack). Is this soemthing someone has seen before and should I be gettin' it fixed immediately or will it be alright? [smiley=1-doh.gif]  I tried takin a picture but it would not show up, I'll try again if you think it will help. Any help would be appreciated. Thnx 
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    Sounds like an impact fracture.

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    Just an update for those interested: I spoke with Pugar at Custom Gheenoe and described my issue. He told me that after describing the small stress crack, he wouldn't worry about it unless it gets bigger. He suggested measuring the area and watch for any signs of it getting worse. Pugar said other than that he would enjoy fishing out of it. Note: I called the shop and left a message. Within 30 minutes I received a call back with all the friendly help I needed over the phone. The Gheen's customer service is second to none. :)
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    i got a lot of those cracks on an old hull and there spreading what shoudl i do. :eek: :'(
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    If they are the result of an impact and not leaking you can put a reinforcing patch on the inside of the boat. For a Gheenoe all it would take is sanding through the inside finish to glass laminate and epoxying a piece of glass cloth over the inside of the area. I like to make that type of patch with an oval shape and featheredge, then paint to protect the epoxy.

    It should be easy and quick.

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    Start a new thread and post pics! :) Newer posts get more traffic, and although franks advice is good your new thread may help others with the same problem as yours.