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Here’s Your Chance to Win Prizes in Our First Boat Skiff & Kayak Show

As part of our April 5th Spring Fishing Event & Sale, we’re inviting YOU to show off your boat, kayak or skiff, just like at a classic car show.

We just received work that Boatwrench will have several of their racing boats on display, and many of our local professional fishing captains and tournament anglers are bring their boats for display.

We really encourage everyone who attends to bring your boat, kayak, skiff to display! Everyone’s boat is special, and each person who brings their boat will be entered into a special drawing for Mosquito Creek gift certificates and other prizes.

If you plan to bring your boat, please give Rory (in the Mosquito Creek fishing department) a call at 407-464-2000 or e-mail us at [email protected] We want to make sure we have plenty of room and prizes.
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