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Shortie Trolling motor Mod

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I just pulled the Minn Kota Riptide off the boat and gave it alittle trim.
Pulled the head off and cut the wires to the motor and coil cord.
Pulled the head off and pushed the wires down into the shaft as far as I could. This was for in the case I hit the wires with the sawsall I could just trim off the cut end.
Trimmed 12" off the shaft with a sawsall. I did not cut all the way though the shaft. I ended up snapping off the shaft at the cut and Its the way I would do it again. The coil wire was more of a pain than I thought. I had to pull the grommet off and drill out the old wire and pull the crimp out of it. Then re install everything the same way you took it apart. Made my trolling motor very short and fit the new skiff very well.
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