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This is a Partial Repost of some exceptional Gear. I sold most of it right away then was traveling for a few weeks avoiding the Covid and catching some fish in CO and the W coast of our great state. Anyway here is the consolidated list of what's left. I can send Pics of anything you would like to see. I have had some photo upload issues as of late but can email photos to whomever wants them . All items are bought and used by me and are in excellent to as new condition for their age.

I have used the pandemic to organize my garage and gear and have numerous items available for purchase. These items have exceptional fish catching Karma and some have been used from New Jersey to Brazil and over to the West thru the years.

I will list them here with a price and general description. My Pictures were not loading but please send me a DM and I will forward whatever you would like to see.

I will ship anything that is not a rod for $15.00. If you buy a rod I will ship that for $30.00. I won't ship international. If you buy more than one item I will consolidate shipping as best I can. Venmo, cash, PayPal, and pick ups at my home in South Miami or a mutually convenient socially distanced location are A OK.

I am not a store and all these items were purchased, used and owned by me and unless noted are in very good to exceptional condition. I don't do returns so ask away on any questions. In the case of the reels the line is free. If you want to use it use it, if you want to strip it off be my guest. I am listing here first and will update the list as things sell. Whatever is left next week goes on eBay. My goal is to pay this gear forward not to retire on the sale so it is priced to sell. Make your best offer and pick up some great gear. Most rods where matched to the reels so do yourself a favor and buy both.

If you have any questions or what a specific picture or detail please email me at [email protected]and I will do my best to accommodate. Here we go:


1. Curado DHSV Plug Reel: Exceptional condition 7.01 retrieve. Big P's in the Amazon, snook in the mangroves and Tarpon in the back country don't have a chance. Made in Japan. This is the one you want. ($200.00)

2. Curado 200 E7. Excellent Condition. Used in Freshwater only . Made in Japan. Bucket mouths and Peacocks submit instantly on the set. ($200.00)

3. Shimano Handle and spare parts. Multiple parts. The butterfly handles are loved by left handers (me) and those that just recognize cool. Be retro buy these or stock up if you still use them ($5.00)


1. Uniden Mystic VHS/GPS Radio w DSC: This is like new as I always kept it in a floating sports Xtreme bag when not he water. Unlike the new DSC's this is a FULLY FUNCTIONING GPS with greyscale maps. It's a great back up when you are deep in the glades and your GPS conks out on the boat. It comes with its manual, the floating bag, a charger and stand. If I can find the belt clip (no one uses that) and cigarette charger I will throw that in too. ($150.00)

2. BASS Collectors Rush Tango Lure (2000). This was issued to members of BASS in the year 2000 and is a cool wooden lure in a retro box. It was part of some contest and I've seen them sell on eBay for a bundle. I hate bay. I like you. But it now its very cool. Fish it or collect it. wood swim baits are now all the rage. ($15.00)


1. Sage Two Piece RPL Graphie III. 10 WT. There was a time when rods were two pieces and fishing fly didn't cost the same as buying a Ferrari. This is that rod. Vintage, Cool and equally well equipped to pull a Hawg out of the lilies as it is to take a Permit in the Marquesa. If I can find my 2 piece case I will include that too. ($350.00)

2. Falcon Expert EC 610H 6'10'' 12-25 lb test 1/4-3/4 MADE IN USA Plug Rod. This is the finest rod Falcon makes. Sleek, non nonsense lure casting fish catching tools. Perfect for snook, Big HawGs in Lake O, and Poons in the back country she will take a fish over backwards and have them beg for mercy. ($150.00)

3. Falcon Expert EC 69 L 6-15 lb test 1/16 to 3/8 lure MADE IN USA Plug Rod. This is the finest rod that Falcon makes for its most unique application. Are you in a fishing club? Want to win with some unusual catches? the ultra sensitive tip allows you to fling wiffle jigs and light beetle spins to rack up the points on bonefish, ciclids, and any other fish that needs a delicate presentation usually left for a 5 wt fly rod. Its a gas. ($150.00)

I am not sure why I can't get most of the photos to load so please DM me on anything you need and I will forward what I can or retake them tomorrow in the light of day.

Tight lines and stay healthy!
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