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I am currently out of the country but just discovered this new section of the forum and am very excited about it.  I am not an expert but I do have a TON of information that I want to post up here and share with you guys but right now is not the time for me to do that. 

I am not very familiar with Nikon but know cannon very well.  Please feel free to PM me with any specific questions that you might have about settings.  If I dont know the answer I will say so but help as much as I can. 

One thing that I want to point out is a way to think about these settings.  There is really only three settings that you need to be worried about.  All of them effect the amount of light that shows through into the picture but they each serve a seperate purpose.
1) aperture, which besides the amount of light, affects the clarity of objects in the foreground and background of the focal point
2) ISO, this is mainly the amount of light that penetrates the picture but also effects the graininess of the picture.  It also affects the depth of field that the light will penetrate into.  In other words the larger ISO the father into the depth of field the light penetrates. (*** REFER BACK TO HERE WHEN PROMPTED)
3) is the shutter speed.  Obviously if it is to slow the subjects will appear blurry.  To fast and not enough light gets into the picture

The best way I found to explain this whole subject is to think about a tube with flowing water that has a gate in place to stop the flow, filling a tank of water.

Please forgive me as I am slightly drunk but I will try to explain.

The ISO is like the diameter of the tube and the shutter speed is like how long the gate stays open.

So imagine a very small diameter tuber with a "gate" that stays open very long.  It will not allow a great rush of water, or light, to fill the tank but over time, or a long shutter speed, it will fill the tank to the right level.

Adversley, a large diameter tube, or ISO, will not need the gate, or shutter speed, to stay open as long in order to fill the tank to the right level.  Rather than being a small amount of "water flow" for a long time it is more like a rush of large amounts of water flowing for a short time.
****REFER BACK TO #2.......  So the larger the tube diameter the farther the water will penetrate once the gate is open.  Think about all the movies you have seen with a sinking ship and there is a open door with a huge rush of water coming as the hero shuts the door just in the neck of time.  even though it is only a split second that water comes through the door everything gets wet.  Where as if the door is just open at the bottom with the same amount of water coming only the heros feet get wet.

In the end you are trying to get the water tank to fill to the right level and you can adjust the ISO, or tube diameter, and the shutter speed, how long the gate stays open, in order to balance it to the right level... so the tank of water is full to the last drop but does not over flow.

Now bring back the apature... Like I said it affects the clarity of the objects in the foreground and background of the of the focal point, as well as the amount of water, or light, that gets into the tank, or picture.  So if you want to blur out the back ground choose a low aperture, then adjust the other two setting appropriately.  Most often for fishing pictures you will want as high of an aperture as possible though.

OK.. So what does all of this mean...   :D

Well it is all just a balance of equeations.  You want the tank of water to be filed to the very last drop but with out over flowing so you have to choose, in each situation, which setting is most important to you, then balance the other two so the tank of water, or your picture, gets full but does not over flow.

Again please forgive me if me explanation is crude as this is something that is hard to explain in written words, and it is my first time trying to explain this to any one but my wife, but I thought this would be a good place to start.

If you have any question of my crediablitiy please feel free to take a look at either my website or my blog, both listed below.

By the way we travel pretty much anywhere so if you know some one getting married ;)
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