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second time ive had to replace my impellar in 3 years, so i guess its kinda normal.
anyways, i had a hard time the first go round mainly finding te shift rod pin, and how to get it off. this time it was easy, but here is a brief instuctional on how to get to the impeller. i apoligize for not being thorogh with pics, but my hands got greasy halfway into the project, and i wasnt getting my dslr too dirty, with that said.....

step 1:  get all parts together. for just replacing the impeller, you will need

a) just over 8oz. of gear lube(merc or quicksilver) (i had about 3 oz. left from a couple years ago, if you dont have any tubes laying around, i suggest buying two 8 oz tubes and use 1/2 of the second tube)

b) impeller for correct year of motor

c) two washer/gaskets thingies(they are blue)

d) a decent rachet set and a flathead screwdriver

step 2:    take cowling off and put motor in FORWARD gear

step 3:   while shifting motor in gear, look on the port side of engine (if attached to boat) behind where a starter should be, locate the clip that attaches the gear shift.

step 4:  with a flathead screwdriver, GENTLY pry upwards the pin, once it slides up, it will be loose and you can slide it out. 

with this out, it is now time to work on the lower unit.

step 5:  wit a flathead screwdriver and something under the LU to catch the oil, unscrew te two screws tat hold the LU oil, once oil is drined, take out the old blue gaskits.

step 6:  once LU is drained, take off te 4 bolts that are under te cavitation plate. be careful not to break the eads off(work slowly and if needed us PB blaster to loosen them up a little.  be careful as those four bolts are now the only things holding the LU on. also it will help to tilt the outboard or make sure you have plenty of ground clearance to take off the LU and driveshaft.

step 7:  place LU assembly on ground, padding areas where it will touch(prop, gearshift end, driveshaft end)

step 8:  unbolt the 4 bolts holding the plate together (10mm?), be careful as their is a key for the impeller you dont want to loose.

step 9: take off impeller and replce with new one, make sure key is in right place.  rebolt the assembly

step 10:  grease entire shaft and put back together, reversing steps.

hope this might help someone
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