For sale is a very lightly used Seigler SF. Only seen time on the water twice. Only has a few very small scratches/dings on the spool from when my tool slipped while trying to remove the E-clip that holds the spool on.

The hype about the drag on these things is lived up to. Probably the strongest drag I've ever experienced on a fly reel. Set the pressure for close to your tippet rating and leave it, never have to adjust on the fly, just engage the lever.

Comes with the spare parts included from Seigler, including one extra reel foot and an extra blue reel handle I bought separately.

Seigler is currently having issues with the supply chain in getting reel pouches, so you will just need to send Liz at Seigler a message about it and they will get one sent to you once the issue is resolved, so no pouch at the current moment. Given that I was owner of it for a very short time, they may honor the transfer of the box challenge to the new owner, but that is something you may need to bring up with Liz.

Feel free to shoot me any questions about the reel. Has 20# backing (unsure of amount, but seems to be a good bit), no fly line included. Price is $650 TYD.
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