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Discussion in 'Boat Yard Basics' started by AfterHours2, May 11, 2011.

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    I have a grab bar already installed but was wondering how I could reinforce it so it doesn't give when holding on. Heres my dillema: One side is mounted with angle aluminum to the rub rail/ on top of, with what looks like self tapping screws that do not go all the way thru the rail. The left side is mounted to the center/ backside of the center box with thru bolts and an aluminum backplate inside of box. I was wondering if just simply drilling out thru the rail and using thru bolts to secure the one side would help or should I start by reinforcing the inside of the center box to distribute the load more accordingly. Im just afraid I might need to use the grab rail one day and do not want to be in the water with it still in my hand.. :eek: Im going to post pics this afternoon to help clarify my explaination. I now its a little much to understand without pics. Thx
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    I reinforced my grab bar base plates, as it was loosing with the vibration. So I epoxied mat and 1208 fiber and putty the round bases to the floor. Now you can lift the boat with the grab bar.........

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    I'm gonna go thru the rear deck with mine. It's 1/2 ply glassed on both sides. I think I need to have a four footed bar to remain sturdy.
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