SOLD/EXPIRED Searching Martin/st lucie county for a job

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  1. SilentHunter

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    im 24 years old

    im looking for a job in the marine industry

    i can do just about anything other than rebuild a motor.

    i know how to detail boats

    i know how to run a buffer

    i would really like to build boats. or learn how to anyways. I dont mind sanding.

    i have my own car and im willing to travel in the surrounding area for work. Just looking for something with decent pay and stedy 40 hours a week. benefits are not a must but would be nice. I have health insurance for another year and a half so im good on that.

    Please if you know of an opening or run a buisness let me know.

    my number is 772 631 1330 my name is Ken. Im open 7 days a week any time any hours.