seadek or related type material

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  1. Looking for a small piece of seadek or similar material for my fly reel to lay on.

    Any info ?


    Gulf Coast
  2. Bissell

    Bissell Priceless!

    What colors and size are you looking for? I have a few scraps laying around my house

  3. Bissell

    Bissell Priceless!

    Ill throw a few pieces in with te flyline, shoot me a text when u see this
  4. firecat1981

    firecat1981 BBA Counselor

    If no one has anything you like you can order hot buttons for $2 each, or a reel pad for $12 from them directly. I've used the hot buttons for a ton of stuff.

    Or if you request a sample, they basically send you hot buttons in whatever color you request.
  5. thanks for the help

    Gulf Coast