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While pumping gas today there was a 20" Sea Ark with a white 200 Zuke and lights all over the front. So I had to talk to them. The man and wife and kid where coming back from Adesto ? SC. He told me the lights where LED and it looked like daylight when they crank it up. All was power by a whisper quite gas generator. Sea Ark built the cool aluminum platform on the front to stand on and shoot
They said they target flounder but get sharks and catfish
Wish I had taken a picture

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If you don’t want to ruin the middle thick fillets it’s hard. Gigging them in the head from a moving boat is one thing...I have done a lot of bow fishing down here shooting carp for catfish bait years ago.
Shot placement isn’t any different shooting flounder in the face/gills as to shooting carp or whatever else you want in the gill/ head area. Looking at around a 4-5” circle on either.

Only difference is flounder typically aren’t moving and, in the case of where I shot them, shallower.

Shooting flounder with a bow is actually quite boring because it’s so easy.

I’d rather poke em in the head or across the gills...
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