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Scrap fabric (kevlar Aramid or carbon)

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I need to get my grubby hands on some scrap peices of either S-glass, Kevlar, Aramid, or carbon fiber. I'm using 3/4" x 1" douglas fir deck stringers and I would like to wrap the sides and bottoms with a stiff fabric for a couple of reasons. I won't need continuous peices so scrap will do. Anyone got any connections?

I'm also considering S-glass for my deck. Best prices I've seem so far has been from Raka. However, I'm keeping my eyes open for kevlar or Aramid sheets too if the price is right.
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Thanks for the reply. I've never worked with S glass but have read a lil bit about it. I assume that it is only slightly more difficult to wet out than E glass. At the moment my deck is either gonna be coated with 9oz S-glass or 12oz biax. 17oz biax is my alternative but only because RAKA has some stupid low prices on 17oz right now. as a matter of fact, 17oz is half the price of 12oz.
Anyway, I'm really curious how 9oz S-glass compares to 12oz biax for abrasion, stiffness, and puncture resistance. Truth is, I don't really need it for structural. My deck stringers are only 9" apart O.C. (on center).
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