Discussion in 'Prop Shop' started by Sheremeta, Nov 21, 2013.

  1. Sheremeta

    Sheremeta Well-Known Member

    10.375" diameter 13p for a small gear case. I can't wait to try this out. No complaints from a vented 3 blade 14 pitch so it should be awesome.

  2. swaddict

    swaddict Thread Killer

    mine works very well with my tunnel, nice prop

  3. reallyshallow

    reallyshallow I Love!

    I have that prop on my skiff. Works well on high elevation, I can run it all the way up on the j/p and trimmed out to 4 without losing grip.
  4. Marshfly

    Marshfly I Love!

    I've got an SC-4 for my F70. It's a good compromise 4 blade with the jackplate on my Caimen. Not remotely as much grip as the RXB I run sometimes but enough for most situations and I'm able to run 2" more pitch than the RXB which gives me a little more top end and, more importantly, about 1.5 mpg better cruise economy at equal speeds due to running much less rpm for the same speed.
  5. Sheremeta

    Sheremeta Well-Known Member

    I tried it today. Big difference. Better hole shot and top end speed. I will be putting my vented scb3 up for sale.
  6. That prop just has a great look to it,is it more of a stern lift 4 blade or a all around lift
  7. Sheremeta

    Sheremeta Well-Known Member

    Lots of stern lift. I'm very happy with it.
  8. devrep

    devrep Well-Known Member

    were they the same pitch? Hard to fathom a 4 blade giving higher top speed than the same prop in 3 blade.
  9. Sheremeta

    Sheremeta Well-Known Member

    It's one pitch lower but the extra blade is allowing more bite from the tunnel wash. It's only a pocket tunnel but its very large and does shoot a lot of wash up into the prop.