scam central issues another one

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  1. Brett

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    Found this in my email today. The latest in a long
    line of scams, which would probably work if I was
    truly stupid and greedy...which I guess there must
    be a lot of people who are...otherwise these would just
    go away. Oh well, for your edification and enjoyment:

    From the desk of Michael Moses:

    Friendly greetings to you.

    I work with a Corporate Financial Service Provider in Europe.
    We had a customer who deposited a huge sum of money with
    us and eventually died without any reference to a next of kin.

    In accordance with the Trust and Federal Laws, at the expiration of
    6 (six) years, his investments with our Financial Trust shall revert to
    ownership of the government of the country of the said investments
    if nobody applies as the next of kin to claim the investments.

    I am writing to you because I want to present you to stand in as
    the next of kin so that you and I can benefit from this investment
    equally (i.e. 50% for you and 50% for me). I guarantee that this
    will be executed under legitimate arrangement that will protect us
    from any breach of the law.

    If this proposal is acceptable to you, kindly indicate your full names,
    your private telephone, fax numbers and location where the money
    will be remitted. I will instruct you on the next step to take.

    With friendly greetings,

    Michael Moses
    Tel/Fax: +448701334013