SOLD/EXPIRED Scam alert on an Egret classified

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    Hi folks. I dont think anybody around here would fall for this but you never know.

    Here's what this joker emailed me.

    The boat is still for sale and is in excellent condition as you can see from the pictures.
    Some minor hull scratches, no accidents or any kind of damage and it has a clear title.
    If you are interested in buying it, the price is 4,000$ (last price with the trailer) and this is with shipping costs to your location included. I'm selling the boat at this price because I cannot enjoy it due to my job (I work as a casino dealer on a cruise ship) I'm a single man and I don't have anyone in the US to whom I can give it. All documents, including owner's manual, clear title and a bill of sale on your name will be provided along with the boat.
    Also about payment and shipping I will use only eBay Vehicle Protection Program so we can both be protected.
    If you are interested in buying it please provide me your full name and address so I can initiate the deal through eBay, they will inform you whit all the details regarding shipping process and payment.
    I will look forward to hearing from you.

    Then this after I asked where I can see it.

    I'm sorry for the delay in my response but I have a lot of work in casino. The boat is already at the shipping company, prepared and ready for the shipping. The shipping process will take between 2 and 3 days, depending on your location. I have a contract with eBay so this deal must go through them.
      As I said in the first email I work as a casino dealer on a cruise ship and I can't meet you or bring you the boat, so that's why I am using a shipping company.
      Since this is an online transaction I wanted the both of us to be safe so for this deal I am using eBay Purchase Protection, and that means that you have 5 days from the time you receive the boat to inspect it and decide if you want to keep it or not.
    Here is how it works:
    1.First of all I will need  the following details from you:
    - Full Name
    - Full Shipping Address
    2. After I will receive the details from you, I will forward them to eBay Purchase Protection.
    3. After they will process your info, they will send us both invoices.Your funds will be 100% insured by eBay Purchase Protection.
    4. eBay Purchase Protection will contact me and I will ship the boat to you. After you receive the boat you will have 5 days for inspection, verify and do whatever you need to the boat. If you will buy it, then you will have to instruct the eBay agent who will handle this transaction to send me the payment.
    5. If you will decide that you will not buy the boat, I will have the shipping company come pick up my boat but I doubt that will happen because it is in excellent shape and perfect running condition.
    If you wish to make the transaction, please send me the necessary info so that we can proceed! I will initiate the deal trough eBay with you today and they will inform whit all the details regarding shipping process and payment. I will ask them to make the contract for 50% (2,000$)deposit and the difference when you receive it and you decide to keep it, I've believe it's fair enough.
    There are 2 other potential buyers for the boat at the moment, so I'm waiting for your deccision ASAP
    I want this transaction to go smoothly enough as I am caught in the middle of some very important events and have little time at my disposal.
    I look forward to hearing back from you soon!

    Unbelievable! This is a complete scam. I remember seeing this Egret on Ebay some months ago. Ebay vehicle protection program is only for vehicles sold through Ebay period.

    GTSRGTSR Well-Known Member

    Is this Ed C? :eek: Send me a pm..... :)

  3. shpedly

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    Nope, Ed L here.
  4. DuckNut

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    Crap - I just drove through there less than an hour ago - I would have dragged it home as I am sure it is at the address listed.
  5. lemaymiami

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    Be nice if someone in Georgia (GBI...) looked into this. Wonder if the real owner knows he's being used in a con...
  6. oysterbreath

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    Lo, thats a classic scam rutine. I ran into the same scam format when trying to buy an African grey. Easy one to detect. They always have an "out of country" occupation and have the item somewhere it can't be seen or have updated pics taken. You should have told them that you are a captain on a cruse ship. Then just mess with them. Lol that would be halarious. We should start a thread in the off topic forum where we all pitch in, mess with a scamer, and post the messages. Lol anyway, stupid part is that the registration number is in the pic. Is there a policeman on this forum?
  7. shpedly

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    Yeah, I messed with him plenty, asking the most detailed questions you can think of. Seriously though, how do you report something like this? This joker had at least a dozen clean pics of the boat. Told him I'd be right over, as I only live 20 minutes from Acworth. Truth is I live in Kentucky. :)
  8. mhinkle90

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    hahahahahaha that'd be a good read :cool: