Saving Cell phone taxes ?

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by noeettica, Jan 15, 2011.

  1. noeettica

    noeettica Well-Known Member

    I posted this "elsewhere" but those guys have more money than God and a $7.00 a month savings means nothing to them !!!

    Then I posted it on a site that Does NOT attract enough traffic to get a response !

    So I'll try you guys ... I have "property's" some in Cities some in counties ... and if I can save money I can Change the address on the cell phone and save enough to pay for the insurance on my "powered Canoe"

    Most cities charge franchise fees and taxes ...

    Would it be cheaper to base a cell phone in the county ?
  2. aaronshore

    aaronshore Well-Known Member

    Im not sure but......

    Whats the reason for the huge font?

  3. Brett

    Brett > PRO STAFF <

    Taxes and fees seem to be based by state and area code.
    You'd have to find an area code with the smallest tax rate.
  4. noeettica

    noeettica Well-Known Member

    Sorry about font was on a POS Netbook
  5. firecat1981

    firecat1981 BBA Counselor

    A warning on trying to save a few dollars a month. Anything can be back billed if found to be fraudulent.

    I have a personal example with a member of my family. They used to live in orlando before going to miami, and to save $30 a month on there 2 car's insurance they used a friends address who still lived in orlando. Well some how the insurance found out about it and turned them in for insurance fraud. Since it's illegal they naturally had to go to court, hire a lawyer, and at the end had to pay 7 years of difference to the insurance company. Combine that with court costs and lawyer fees and they were around the $12,000 mark. Plus they naturally got dropped.

    I'm just saying, there's only 2 things in this world that are absolute, and that's death and TAXES :(
  6. makin moves

    makin moves Well-Known Member

    metro pcs is now nation wide and will be 4g next month there plans start at 40. tax included and thats unlimited talk,text and web :)
  7. firecat1981

    firecat1981 BBA Counselor

    I'd stay away from MetroPCS! We recently got rid of them, they are not really nationwide, just look at the coverage map, and the have had 3g/4g for a while, however not in florida or the south at all. Metro works well if you live in a major city, but outside of one coverage is spotty at best. And if you don't travel, but if you do travel just cause the map says you will get coverage it doesn't mean you will. The problem is there phones are set up for different systems and for some reason can't automatically switch themselves like most, IE our brand new florida phones didn't work in Las Vegas, or Seattle.

    We went with sprint for now which is 100 times better, but ultimately want to be with verizon once there prices come down. Don't even get me started on AT&T ;)
  8. makin moves

    makin moves Well-Known Member

    funny metro uses sprints towers when you go out of town. Yes you do have to switch your phone to automatic yourself before you go out of town or you can just leave it on automatic and you never have to worry about it. Most people like to belive that metro has lesser coverage or more drop calls but in the metro markets when your not on sprints network we have the newest most advanced network and the fewest droped calls. If your shopping Verizion than you will find out Metro uses lte 4g network same as verizions network. If it wasnt for Metro being such a strong and fast growing company I wouldnt have a new copperhead sitting in my garage ;D
  9. firecat1981

    firecat1981 BBA Counselor

    I respect the fact that you are sticking up for your company, but the proof is in the pudding for me. When we were in south florida metro worked just fine, up in Lakeland/orlando it was extremely hit or miss and forget about using the browser. It's a bad feeling to not have any cell service through a 50 mile stretch of SR 60, or most of 27. If we still lived in Ft Lauderdale I'd still have them, But you can't tell me they have the same reception as verizon or sprint when I can sit at the firehouse with 12 other guys and compare signals. (If I was inside I'd have to use a land line, but with sprint I have 3 bars :-?)
  10. makin moves

    makin moves Well-Known Member

    crazy thing with signal is you and your freinds can walk 10 ft and everyone of you can have a different amount of bars. We could have a pissing match all day about the best company the same as ford vs chevy vs dodge but at the end of the day it comes down to needs and budget. To be honest I would go with none of the companys mentioned :) Tmobile would be my choice.
  11. noeettica

    noeettica Well-Known Member

    I carry 3 cell phones from different carriers

    Tracphone does the best !!!

    No signal for ATT & Verizon at Sea World :-( ( last time I was there )

    another question ... What determines " Where you Live"

    I have Utilities ON all over the country LOL ... I travel a LOT for "work"

    So why not set a "Home Base" where the taxes and rates are the lowest ...
  12. jacksonrh64

    jacksonrh64 I Love!

    NoeEttica, I'll second that, Tracfone more than meets my needs and I am very satisfied with it.  My friends/hunting/fishing buddies all have every service mentioned above and pay hundreds of dollars a year and I get the same reception they get or don't get.  I don't have any contracts, roaming charges (Surprise!), or monthly fees.  I have traveled all over, even down to Palm Bay and never had any problems making or receiving phone calls or texting or receiving texts.  I don't have internet, and I don't want or need it on my phone (I am not afraid of being unavailable, I rather like that to be truthful), I'd never want to watch anything on such a small screen.  I pay for it (I get double mins for life on my $29.00 Motorolla phone) as I use it.  I haven't had any experience with Metro PCS, nor do I know anyone who use it, so I cannot comment on that.  That's my story and I am sticking to it!   :)

  13. floridanative1028

    floridanative1028 I Love!

    I've had Metro PCS for about 9 years now and I have never had a problem except at one of my friends houses that is 2 stories and built like a fort.  I haven't tried to travel yet with it since they got nationwide but I usually go with the 90/10 rule where I buy something based on my needs 90% of the time and unfortunately going on vacation is not even close to that.  My opinion is just that though because I have never used any other service and I never felt like I needed too.  I just mainly try to avoid having to call and argue with someone in India for 2 hours about why I was charged $1,000,000 for sending 1 too many texts.

    Oh and back to the original point... if $7 a month is killing you maybe you should consider having only 2 phones.   :eek:
  14. mark_gardner

    mark_gardner I Love!

    i recently switched to metro pcs a few months ago coming from att, do i think the signal quality is as good as att? NO!! but im like floridanative....i go by the 90-10 rule also.... the quality of service may not be the best but it does what i need it to do for a lot less $$$ than what att was charging :eek:
  15. costefishnt

    costefishnt Cost Efish'nt³

    jeebus dave.....if you are so concerned over 7.00 get rid of your cell all together, turn off your internet, sell your fishing gear....i am quite sure you will find something else to post about tho...
  16. DuckNut

    DuckNut Brandon, FL

    I was willing to pay you to hook up my water softner but you never responded. Gee, that would have been like 30 months of the tax you could have paid.
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