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  1. backwaterbandits

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       What do you think?
  2. Brett

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    Anytime a sport goes professional, greed ruins it.
    Takes all the fun out of it and turns it into work.
    No thanks, not interested, I'll maintain my amateur status
    and continue finding/fishing places the rest of the world avoids.
    Crowds do not, in any way, make life enjoyable.

  3. topnative2

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    Brett said it all...................................
  4. topnative2

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    Lip gaffing a fish violates the MFC rule--- relaease uninjured---- a hole in the mouth --- is not

    "(3) Subsection (1) shall not apply to anyone who immediately returns a tarpon uninjured to the water at the place where the fish was caught. The prohibition of possession of an untagged tarpon in subsection (1) shall not apply to a taxidermist who removes the tag during the process of mounting a tarpon. The removed tag shall remain with the fish during any subsequent storage or shipment."

    FWC has no guts.
  5. floridanative1028

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    In my opinion FWC should be the last resort to handle this situation even though there's probably some kickbacks for them that causes them to focus elsewhere. The last thing we need is for them to make more laws that affect the entire state based on one event in one location. I'm all for conservation but giving FWC more power hasn't proven to do much in the past except cause honest people to be hassled.
  6. DuckNut

    DuckNut Brandon, FL

    Is this tournament doing the damage this guy claims? What about the other 100 tournaments in the pass over the course of the year? This guy produces no scientific evidence, only his opinion. Kind of like the preying on the emotion rather than fact.

    I will call it like I see it - at the end of the video there is a copyright notice from Rich Day. But what is really interesting is that Rich Day did not show where PTTS granted him permission to use their footage.

    After watching this I get the feeling that the producer simply has an axe to grind and is not prepared to use scientific evidence to prove his case but rather his opinion and emotion to rally ill-informed members of society to buy into his agenda.
  7. skinny_water

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    Walked into my local tackle shop today. They had PTTS playing on the TV. With Chris W sitting on the boat doing an interview they double gaffed a big tarpon. One gaff had the standard hook and the second one looke like a hard stringer for spearfishing. High-Fives all around I almost cried.
  8. topnative2

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    The point is ......... the tarpon are lipp gaffed and dragged alongside the boat to the weigh station far?

    it is a violation of the rule

  9. Recidivists

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    PTTS is the most asinine spectacle I've witnessed out of tourney fishing. On the east coast you have guys fishing for Kings, littering the sea with balloons in the hundreds really? But this hammerhead chumming event really takes the cake. Can't stand the chase boat with it NABOB announcer in particular. Attention chasers usually end up doing it in a negative fashion.
  10. fishnride883

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    I for one think its rediculous, I've never been a fan of any tournament, as they all start out small and fun, and then turn into the mess after a few good years of solid turnouts. I fish to get away from hustle/bustle, fast paced competition of glory seeking corporate big money industrial pawns.....not to jump into more of it. :D As far as the fish are concerned, I've seen teams on TV do it right, where the fish arent comprimised beyond acceptable levels. However, I've also seen teams on TV drag a tarpon head out of water all the way to the scales and the fish struggling to hang on for its last bit of life after it was weighed, and while it was turning on its side, nearly dead, the entire team picks it up out of the water for a pic, then only after the fish was out of water for 5 solid minutes as they marveled their trophy and got glory pics, they then act concerned that the fish is nearly dying, all too late. I for one, think severe penalty should be implied for teams who dont work fast, efficiant, and with extreme care. PTTS is here to stay, it brings in way too much money, if it gets banned in boca, it will move to Egmont, or Islemorada, or somewhere else, either way, its going to happen, its just too big and worth too much $$ for it not to go on somewhere. I think they need to "buckle down" on enforcing proper care of the fish.
  11. topnative2

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    The MFC rule needs to be enforced.Period.
  12. skinny_water

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    Andros posted today on FB that they are withdrawing from the PTTS.
  13. topnative2

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    Where is the CCA on this ? :)