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Santee ???

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Any input on the Santee skiff. I was looking at the Riverhawk B60, but looks like they have closed the doors. I got a package put together. boat, trolling motor, 9.9hp tahatsu and trailer for $6900.
Wanting to ditch the canoe and Honda 2.3.
Mostly will be fishing Lake Lanier (week days low traffic) and electric only waters. I fish alone 90% of the time. Wife and daughter grab a ride on occasion.
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Well I pulled the trigger. Low front deck, no center console and rear bench seat. Gonna be along 4 weeks waiting for this thing.
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Sounds like a cool small boat - look forward to pictures when you get it.
Will do. I held off the 9.9 and ordered everything else to get the build underway. Have not decided on the 9.9 or the 15hp.
I would like to remove the outboard easily to hit some electric only water up here in Cumming.
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I missed a connection with Santee or I would own one today ...
What did you end up with?
Not saying their out of buisness for good, but definitely closed without notice.
A few suppliers have tried ordering boats and can not get in contact with them. I left multiple messages with the owner and same result.
A member of another forum went by there and its locked up. The neighboring business said nobody has been around for awhile.
I get they maybee having problems,but not cool to ditch your suppliers without contact.
Thanks, I think I will be giving plenty of love in support of this boat. After looking at other options this seemed to be a well built boat for the price. Kinda happy that RiverHawk sut down for a bit, looking like this boat will be built a little better than the B60.
Still need to choose a motor cleaning toward the 15 or 20hp tiller.
How is yours moving along with that 20hp?
I know this thread is a month or so old but i have a Santee 160 with a 20hp Tohatsu. I love it. Been a great all around boat for me. I have the low front deck and raised rear deck. On GPS with all my gear, I see about 26-27mph. Very stable (I'm 6'3" and 280). Have about 15 hours on it so far. I also bought mine from Frank.
Awsome. Still waiting for it to be completed. Did you install that pedestal seat base or did it come that way?
FWIW the Riverhawk website is no more so I'm betting they're out of business.
I spoke with the owner of Riverhawk about 6 months ago. He was recovering from surgery and had closed down. At that time he mentioned Riverhawk could be for sale. I hate that they closed indefinitely.
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