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Santee ???

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Any input on the Santee skiff. I was looking at the Riverhawk B60, but looks like they have closed the doors. I got a package put together. boat, trolling motor, 9.9hp tahatsu and trailer for $6900.
Wanting to ditch the canoe and Honda 2.3.
Mostly will be fishing Lake Lanier (week days low traffic) and electric only waters. I fish alone 90% of the time. Wife and daughter grab a ride on occasion.
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They don't seem to get much love here, but they are pretty well built for what they are. Not as many options as a Gheenoe, but personally I think the layup quality is a bit better.
Post some pics and details when you get it. There's not much about them on this site.
I was very interested in the Santee butttt it lists three people/ 350lb weight capacity. Can anyone explain that!? None of my fishing buddies are that light. Seems very low, how are you supposed to fish two people on this thing?
To adults, one child. 150# for adults. The system needs to be heavily revised.
1 - 3 of 52 Posts
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