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Santee ???

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Any input on the Santee skiff. I was looking at the Riverhawk B60, but looks like they have closed the doors. I got a package put together. boat, trolling motor, 9.9hp tahatsu and trailer for $6900.
Wanting to ditch the canoe and Honda 2.3.
Mostly will be fishing Lake Lanier (week days low traffic) and electric only waters. I fish alone 90% of the time. Wife and daughter grab a ride on occasion.
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i owned a 15'4'' gheenoe highsider, it was a great little boat but always wondered how cool itd be if it was a little more substantial with more beam. If you kept it simple with a tiller itd be great if you intend to use in fresh water or in a marsh like they show i the website. Other than that look into a joboat, also be mindful you can get alot more of a boat for 7000 if you dig.
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