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Sanding inside of my boat

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Hi I've been sanding inside my boat, taking off a spray paint layer that a previous owner put on it, for about an hour now. This is my first time using a power sander and not sure if I'm even doing it right. Do I just do small circles or long strides back and forth or just hover over a spot? Also I'm not sure what wet sanding does but maybe I need to do that? My progress so far is maybe 1 square foot total area of corners that have been sanded because the paint was thin there.
So my questions:
-wet sanding?
-grit? I'm using 200.
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Incase anyone had the slightest bit of interest in the result here it is..I have zero painting experience and I'm sure other members disagree with my choice of a 1 part paint by interlux and I'm sure other members would have done a better job but personally I am impressed with it. This was 3 coats of paint. The rest of the boat will be black and will be painted this week.

You can see the mirror in it next to the steering wheel of the newspapers.
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