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    I am going to start sanding the deck of my dolphin so it can be repainted.  I had the bottom of the boat repainted at Islamarine and it looks like it just came out of the mold.  I explained to Tom that I'm on a pretty tight budget and he said he would give me a pretty big discount on the decks if I sanded it down to the glass, Islamarine would do the fairing I just need to clean it up.  When he looked at the deck he said there were nine layers of paint and gel coat that needed to come off. So the question is what kind of sander should I get.  Should I do it with a hand sander (seems like it would take for ever) an electric sander (if so 5",6" or bigger, any particular brand, style) or a pneumatic (again size?).  Also should I start with a 40-60 grit then go to a 220 or better. 

    Thanks for the help guys.
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    Removing paint I prefer to use heat.
    Makes the paint blister and peel and can be brushed or scraped off.
    GelCoat requires sanding. If you have a compressor, pneumatic is great.
    Wheel/disc type sander with a heavy grit cuts quick but makes a mess.
    Wear serious lung protection, paint and gelcoat are not good to breathe!
    Tyvek suit also, to keep the dust off your skin.

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    x2 on heat
    Don't use a grinder - you will end up with millions of saucer shaped divots and then it will take so much fairing that your budget just went away.