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2000 CS J - 16 w/ 50 hp Tohatsu
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I'm looking to add a 6wt for redfishing this fall/winter. Our reds here in Tampa are highly pressured and act more like bonefish, so I'm throwing light and small patterns (#4 and even #6). I'm hoping that by lining down from an 8wt I'll get a softer presentation on those s.o.b.'s.

I know this is more likely a matter preference, but for those that actively use 6wts in the salt, do you favor a fast action or medium action rod for those 40-60 foot shots? Curious to know what works for you at those distances.

I'm looking at the Lamson SS and Sage Maverick for the faster rods and the Scott Tidal for a medium action. Open to other suggestions, but those are the ones that are a) in my price range and b) I've already casted.
TFO AXION 2X we have 6wt in stock.
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