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New to the forum and very happy to have found it. Building a skiff and would love some opinions on power. I'd post a link to the boat but I need 3 posts to attach a link.
She is 15' loa with a 5'4" beam. Based on what it weighs now without any glass, I'd guess it is going to be a 200-250 lb hull.
I've got a micro jack plate coming and plan to power the boat with a new 4 stroke that has trim/ tilt. Plans say max of 30 hp. I'll likely go less to keep the weight down.
Anyone familiar with the hull (or similar) and have a recommendation? I love the Suzuki 30 but it is a good bit heavier than the 25 Yamaha. I see many running Tohatsu but have never owned one. Open for suggestions. Thank you!
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