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For sale is a Sage Salt 9wt fly rod, the protective cloth bag, and the Sage Rod Tube.
For sale is a Sage Salt 9wt Fly Rod. This a 9' foot, 4 piece fly rod that is used. The rod is used but remains in excellent, fully functional condition. The signs of use you will see include minor scrapes and scratches, but nothing that takes away from the Sage Salt's capabilities or that threaten the fly rod's integrity in terms of it's construction. These rods have a lifetime warranty. If any component should break, you can contact Sage by phone or through their website, and initiate a warranty repair / replacement. I've fished three different Sage rods along with rods made by G Loomis and Hardy. The Sage Salt is easily my favorite. The 9wt has the power to cast heavy flies in windy conditions and to bring the species you hooked to the boat quickly in order to touch the leader and otherwise land the fish. Aesthetically, the rod is a beautiful deep blue color with a matte black anodized aluminum reel seat. The guides are wrapped with black thread and include a thin silver wrap to offset the black and provide an overall attractive appearance. There are double rings on the reel seat. Typical on saltwater fly rods to ensure a firm and secure lockup of your reel. The guides are all Fuji guides with ceramic inserts. The Sage Salt is noted to be one of the more durable fly rods on the market. After fishing this one for just under a year, I agree with that claim entirely. In fact, I was recently at a fishing lodge in Costa Rica called Tarponville. The fishing lodge is on the Caribbean Coast in the Manzanillo National Wildlife Refuge. The lodge is sponsored by Sage. Guess what fly rods they have available for all their guests? The Sage Salt! And not the Sage Salt HD. The original Sage Salt - such as this one for sale. Many experienced fly fisherman have spoken out on forums against the Sage Salt HD as being nothing more than an attempt by Sage to increase the revenue made from the popularity and reputation set by the original Sage Salt. This sale includes the Sage cloth bag and Sage tube. I'm in Port Richey, FL 34668. My phone number is 239-238-9207 and email is [email protected] Please feel free to call, text, or email with any questions. I'm asking $425.00.

Comments on the Sage Salt and Description from Sage:

What you will find in this rod is Sage’s typical excellence in craftsmanship and components. The rod is a pleasing bright blue with black wraps trimmed in silver. They use a very nice full wells grip that feels just right. And the reel seat is WAY better that what you’ll find on the Motive. It’s a flat black anodized double uplocking seat, but the locking rings are big and you can get a really good grip on them to secure your reel. It won"Best in Show" at the International Fly Tackle Dealer show in Orlando. And the proclamations came: it's a Scott Meridian killer, or a G. Loomis NRX killer, it's Sage's best saltwater fly rod ever and so on. Like the Sage X, the SALT has excellent torsional stability. In other words, it travels in a straight line when you cast it, resisting twisting and wiggling. This translates into accuracy or ... actually, you know what? It’s time for a quick talk about accuracy.
In the world of saltwater fishing there is a lot of water out there and with that, a lot of fish species. From calm flats to open seas, the opportunities range dramatically. To put your best foot forward in high stakes fishing, you need a tool built for the exacting conditions of every unique fishery. The Sage Salt lineup of rods are constructed differently - each with purpose. The fast-moving inhabitants of the salt require anglers to make quick shots and even quicker second shots. With the introduction of KonneticHD Technology, the SALT puts situational tools in hand to increase your odds of success. Allowing you to reach further, quicker, more delicately, and providing you with the power to make your angling dreams, lasting memories.
  • Handcrafted on Bainbridge Island, USA
  • KonneticHD Technology
  • Squid Ink blank color, Black thread wraps with Blue trim wraps
  • Oversized Fuji ceramic stripper guides; Oversized hard chromed snake guides and tip-top
  • Integrated hidden hook keeper in reel seat; Laser etched line weight on slide band
  • Black rod bag with Blue logo and model tag; Blue powder coated aluminum rod tube with Sage medallion.
  • Heavy-duty Stealth Black anodized aluminum uplocking reel seat
  • Super Plus full-wells cork handle


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