Run ins with rude guides!!

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  1. swampfox

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    Any one got any stories about some of these A-holes that think they own thw water? I got a few but was wondering if was just me.
  2. Brett

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    What? Like charter captains in their 60 foot offshore battleships
    trying to climb up the exhaust of my old 13 foot whaler?
    All because they saw me catching a few dolphin.
    I guess they figured they're out there working for a living
    while I'm just catching dinner...


  3. firecat1981

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    You mean like some of the inshore charter captains that still buzz across the grass flats and within 30ft of us while we are anchored and wading? Or ones that will motor 20ft in front of you so he can rob you of your chance to get some bait even though there is no one else around? or ones who run clear into a combustion exclusion zone because there time is more important then the environment........ :mad:
  4. makin moves

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    Theres just people out there like that in general. I dont think it matters if there a guide or not somepeople just think the rules dont apply to them. Just remember karma is a @#&%$ there time will come
  5. Lappy_16

    Lappy_16 Well-Known Member

    I agree, a good example is when you run by tarpon key on the weekend and theres a sea ray or two anchored in the no motor zone...
  6. firecat1981

    firecat1981 BBA Counselor

    It's funny you mention that, a little while ago on the other side of the bridge in another combustion exclusion zone we were stopped on the edge of the zone......
    Let me add in the situation, I was in my old gheenoe, towing 2 friends in a flatback canoe, and towing behind them was a friends kayak, so we effectively had an odd looking water train going which is why we were most likely stopped :D.ok back to the story.
    .......By a deputy doing a water patrol, he gave us the third degree, checked every liscense and every piece of equipment. Then let us go since we weren't quite in the zone yet and we dropped our trolling motor already. Well behind us inside the zone was a rather expensive looking 30ft+ fountain boat beached on I think what is the back side of shell key, right under a big red sign that said NO BEACHING! :mad:. So he's inside a NMZ with no trolling motor or ability to row/pole, and beached where hes not allowed. However the deputy does nothing, even when we pointed it out he shrugged it off. Well as we got closer we figured out why, the boat was loaded with a bunch of topless women who were not bashful ;D Well they may be damaging the environment, but atleast they were adding to the scenery ;)

    Ain't that the truth! But personally I like to think that if you are a professional you should hold yourself and are held to a higher standard. Maybe if you are caught violating you should have you guiding ability pulled for some time depending on the offense, just a thought.
  7. Lappy_16

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    That no motor zone ends once you get across the flat and into the channel that runs back there, unless they were right at the middle of shell island then they were still in it, either way they can't beach there, but it doesn't surprise me the sheriff didn't do any thing, I'm not the only one who doesn't like how they work out here....
  8. Brett

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    I have much fewer gripes with guides than I do with PWC's
    Those dim bulbs have no clue what flats courtesy is...
    or if they do, they just don't care.

  9. FSUfisher

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    I was fishing with one of my buddies a few weekends ago, and as a pair of jet skis drove by, he said "Uh oh, the water cockroaches are out today". When it clicked in my head what he meant, I about fell out of the boat in laughter.
  10. anytide

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    "Uh oh, the water cockroaches are out" ...

    --- thats funny / well said -i'm still laffin..
  11. Charlie

    Charlie I Love!

    I hate PWCs! I don't have much experience with them in a boat, but they have absolutly no respect for paddle craft. Alot of them find it funny to loop around kayaks and make the water choppy  :mad:

    Lucky for them, they stay out of paddle range [smiley=smashfreakB.gif]
  12. DuckNut

    DuckNut Brandon, FL

    Last sunday I left the ramp the same time a guide was and because I can cut the corner I saved 15 minute and beat him the the "spot". I had my anchor out and the same friendly guide run so close to me in the shallows that he picked up my rope about 2' infront of the chain and smashed my anchor and chain up in his prop.

    He is now the proud owner of a slightly used anchor and chain...and a tow bill and a repair bill and in exchange I got a shorter rope and a half hour of pure entertainment value.

    Screw the anchor pins, not nearly as valuable as a chain.
  13. TomFL

    TomFL Well-Known Member

    Usually I try to wave them off as I see them coming straight for me. If they don't get the message I'll usually give them one a bit stronger, like seeing where they go to fish, following them and then doing 2 donuts around their boat at WOT once they start fishing. I don't yell at them, just smile and wave and keep it nice.

    This usually gets the message across pretty clearly.

    An old friend who became a guide has his name/number and guide service plastered not only all over his boat but also his truck. One day he asked if I could come tow his boat home for him, as someone flatted 2 of his tires at the ramp.

    Apparently this is another less subtle way of expressing your distaste for a guide/angler who thinks they are above other fisherman.

    That will get the message across pretty quick.

  14. Swamp

    Swamp I Love!

    I've had plenty of guides have the attitude of thinking it was "their" water and the had more of a right to be there than I do.  One of the reason I hated fishing the ML was because of certain guides bumping fish by running the flats.  Funny thing is that the same guide that started that mess complained the loudest before the park shut it down.  The flip side is I've talked to several guide friends that have seen the same attitude from rec. fishermen towards them.  They have been hounded and cut off by the "once every two month Charlies" that use guides a bird dogs because they can't get out and scout and then give the guide a rash of crap too.   The attitude of I only get out here every once in a while and you are out every day is prevalent.  You want a spot to fish, do your homework, and get out there before the next guy.

    Don't get me started on some of the water cockroaches.  By and large the vast majority are very curtious, but that small percent sure makes up for it.  PWCs are the reason I stopped carrying while boating.  Well stopped carrying for the most part anyway.  ;)  I'm not going to jail because some jerk bumped me over the edge.  I've been doughnuted while crossing the channel on the back side of Sebastian Inlet in a canoe.  Granted in hind site not the brightest idea to start with but that made it even worse/dangerous.

    A friend of mine used to say "Thank God for Harleys, otherwise ALL of the yahoos would own jet skis!"  Not a shot at Harley riders BTW, got lots of friends with them.

  15. adc77

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    i know Wiedon island is like a free for all. every time i go it seems like i am the only one that can read. and courtesy around there is nonexistent.
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