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    Am looking to start building custom rods. Does anybody have any tips on where and how to start? Found this kit at

    Does this seem like a good deal, with the right components to start? Also where is the best/cheapest place to buy Rod Blanks, guides, corks, etc?

  2. I Love!

    i am also pretty interested in this as well and would like to hear some info. as for rod blanks you can get any of your favorite rods in just the blank. you can usually find them for sale from the company or you might be able to get your local tackle shop to order one for you.

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    "Best", and "cheapest" don't normally reside in the same sentence.
    Good luck with your project.
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    I've been building rods for a lot of years , and have cut back to just what's needed on my skiff (and repairs of rods I've built for others). I'd be glad to share what I know for anyone in the south Florida area, when I have the time to build/wrap/finish,repair.... These days it's hard to find the time to sit down at the rodbuilding bench but I still manage when I can.
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    I built my first rod about a year ago or so.  I think that if you can tie a fly you can build a rod.  I guess I'm assuming your interested in building fly rods but the following pertains to spin/cast rods as well I suppose.  I got the itch and basically looked at the stuff on mudhole and read a few free things online (some of them were mudhole library links) and just went for it.  The idea of choosing your own components and putting it together for 1/2 to 2/3 the cost of a new one hooked me pretty good.  I bought a roughly $100 8wt blank and the gently priced components.  I made a rod wrapper from some scrap lumbar in the garage and some felt from fly making.  I made a tensioner from some washers, a bolt and a spring.  I cannibalized one of the kids' toys for a slow turn motor.  I learned a lot from the first rod and have built 4 or 5 more since then.  And the first one was definitely useable (still pull it out on occasion), just not the prettiest thing in the world.  Here's a couple of photos:

    the setup:



    Commandeering the kitchen table...


    the basics:


    one of my later sticks:




    You'll see a lot of fancy stuff out there.  Crazy wraps, albemarle covering, trick cork, etc.  I'm a little more functional and appreciate simplicity and functionality rather than bling.  I use simple underwraps and overwraps, premade cork, and fuji reel seats (get some looks with those but, shoot, never had a spinning reel fall out or get scuffed from the plastic rings).  I used titanium stippers and rec saltwater single foots.  Just keep the first couple simple and don't get discouraged with something that won't grace the front of a magazine.  It'll still catch fish... and you made it.
    As for the mudhole kit, that's all you need but you might be able to shave a little $ with some ingenuity in the garage.

    Alex V
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    I've been building since about '04. I've been using the same wrapping station that whole time. It's a flexcoat travel wrapper. It's very similar to the one you posted

    I will tell you, the wrappers that use the little metal dowels should be avoided. They get loose very often and do a poor job securing the system. I actually tape my "arms" down to the base. Also the velcro that holds your blank in place will come loose too. The adhesive that holds it to the wrapper will eventually work it's way loose from the tension created. Now with that said, I still use mine and have no plain to buy a replacement. I'm THAT cheap! Also, buy a separate rod dryer. This is the one I use and I love it:

    At some point of time you WILL need to build a rod and have one drying at the same time. You'll appreciate separate systems at that point of time.

    As for me, I'm one of those "bling" folk. I keep my wraps basic but I like to turn out the cork.


    As for where to buy...I buy mainly from mudhole. I also buy from Cabelas and Hook and Hackle. The folks at Mudhole are the best though. Dan Craft is another good place. The owner makes some killer blanks but they are not cheap.
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    What may start as simple as a basic rod build on a home made wrapper and dryer, below are the plans I built from:

    Then graduate to a full blown power wrapper, so you can do stuff like this!  ;D


    But along with Oysterbreath I buy most of the rod building products from Mudhole. If you have a chance go by the show room, the folks up there are friendly and very knowledgeable.  However, now that I live in Texas there are a few local shops that I try and frequent.

    For great information check out and Both of those forums have top notch pros as well as amateurs to answer all of your questions.  Rod Builder also puts out a very informative magazine, devoted entirely to custom rod building, the only one of its kind!
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    Thanks everyone, a lot of great information, i live in orlando and go to UCF so i think after class i'll stop by one of Mudholes stores in Oviedo. There is a lot to learn, i may just pick up a book for the time being and read and watch some videos.
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    some really cool stuff. oyster, that cork is badass looking.

    i have been tying flies for a long time but plan on building my first rod here shortly. are there any good resources for learning basic stuff that you guys use? i am really excited to start. i think i am just going to build a spinning rod to start.